Wadadli Financial Group, pronounced “wa-dad-lee,” means “our own” and is named after the Arawak Indian’s name for the island of Antigua.

When Wadadli Financial Group was born, founder James Fox wanted to create a firm where the client’s needs come first. We don’t focus on selling products. Instead, we introduce our clients to a variety of solutions. We help our clients by choosing amongst numerous companies and finding the best solutions for them.

We offer this service to all of our clients regardless of their investment assets.

At Wadadli Financial Group, we believe that the client comes first.

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James “Jim” Fox

Founder & President
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Michelle Fox

Vice President

At Wadadli Financial Group, we focus on the following services:



We offer access to many fund families and believe in a common sense approach to investing and dollar-cost averaging.



We offer fixed, variable, and equity index annuities to serve our clients’ best interests. Annuities can help provide added peace of mind and the ability to generate lifetime income without some risks often associated with investments.



Life insurance is often referred to as the foundation of a financial strategy. It’s critical to make sure a family is properly protected while working toward financial independence. Our agency often recommends that many clients would be best suited using the ‘buy term and invest the difference’ approach to purchasing life insurance. We also offer a full line of life insurance products to our clients, which includes Final Expense — a life insurance product with limited health questions.



Do you plan to help pay for someone’s college education? What will it cost? Do you have a specific school in mind? Our Life Goals Analysis is able to help calculate the future costs of a college education and help determine the savings needed to meet parents’ and students’ goals.



Because of our professional partnership with Oak Street Financial, we are able to assist our clients with mortgages and debt elimination programs.

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