About Wadadli

What Wadadli Means

Wadadli Financial Group was built to be different. We believe every person and situation is personal, so the cookie-cutter approach used by most financial services firms just doesn’t work.

We’ve refused to set account minimums since day one. That’s because we believe everyone, regardless of their net worth, deserves to have access to someone who can help navigate their financial lives. We offer this service to all our clients, regardless of where their investment assets are.
Our focus at Wadadli is making sure all our clients fully understand their options and how those decisions impact their retirements. Our approach is holistic, meaning we can handle risk management, tax efficiency, and a solid retirement income plan.


The name “Wadadli” comes from the Arawak Indian’s name for the island of Antigua.

Melbourne’s Retirement Planning Team


Jim Fox

Founder & President

A lifelong resident of the Space Coast, Jim never dreamed he would be in the financial services industry. After growing up in a loving lower-middle-class family, Jim decided upon graduating from high school to take on the toughest challenge he could. He marched to the Marine Corps recruiter and signed up for the hardest job in the Corps – Infantry.

The leaders around him in the Marine Corps taught him what it means to be a leader. That means saying what you mean and meaning what you say. That means integrity is the most important thing a person can have. Jim grew to believe and grow in these things. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Jim knew it was time to take on the next tough challenge – college.

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Michelle Fox

Director of Client Relations

Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. After Michelle and Jim married, they soon discovered they were not only great partners in life, but great partners in business as well. They shared the belief that with hard work and good intentions, anything is possible. Because of that belief, along with the need to better service their clients, they decided to open Wadadli Financial Group together.

Michelle loves to see people do the things they never thought were possible, like getting out of debt, paying off their home,…

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Pamela Bermel

Client Support Specialist

Pamela joined the company in 2021, bringing with her over 15 years of professional experience within client service industries, including real estate, medical, insurance, and financial. She is most passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Pamela works hard behind the scenes to help facilitate the application process so both new and existing clients are served in an accurate and timely manner. When calling the office, you’ll likely hear her familiar and friendly voice as she helps to coordinate appointments and ensure you receive the best possible experience at Wadadli Financial Group.

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John Bertran

Client Services Associate & Registered Representative

John Bertran joined Wadadli Financial Group in October 2019. He has over 32 years of experience from a big-box firm that offered insurance and asset building. He now focuses on building retirement profiles during first appointments. Through his retirement analyses, John helps clients navigate the confusing waters of retirement. He is a specialist in debt planning and portfolio design. Most importantly, John brings a personal touch to an impersonal industry. When you meet John, you will never forget him!

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Mel Cummings

Financial Representative

After growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mel has been an active participant in the financial markets since 1985. Mel became a lifelong student of the markets after the great market crash of October 1987. She eventually worked with a large financial company as a regional vice president.

Having worked with Wadadli Financial Group for several years, Mel enjoys meeting clients and helping form a customized plan to meet their unique needs. Mel meets with clients throughout the South between her homes in North Carolina and Florida.

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